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Thursday, 24 December 2015

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Spirits of Christmas tarot spread

Hey love,  
instead of me talking to you about something I wanted to give you something practical you can use around Christmas time. I got idea for this spread from the movie called ˝A Christmas Carol˝. If your not familiar with this movie. The main  character is an old, bitter  man named Scrooge. He gets visited by three ghosts of Christmas, ghost of Christmas past,  ghost of Christmas present and ghost of Christmas future. They show him how he has and still is living his life and how his life will end. By  the end of the move he loses his bitterness and gets into the holiday season spirit. While I used the idea behind the movie for this spread, I also introduced other ideas that originate from Yule festivities and shadow work.  This spread can be used with oracle cards aswell as tarot cards.  Without any further ado here is the spread.

1. Where have I been. Past joys, sorrows and memories.  This card will show a general image of our past self. 
2. Leasons I've learned. Knowledge you have collected that you may or may not recognize. 
3. Things I still haven't delt with.  Stuff I drag  from the past. This could indicate fears or  drama that still hasn't been resolved yet.

4. How I'm different now then I was in the past. This shows us how we have changed and evolved from our past selves. How we have learned from past leasons, and what wisdom we have gained in the now moment.
5. Rebirth. Something I can do right now to become  more present with mayself.  This card will show you how to listen to your internal guidence system and utilise those messages in your life.

6.  How can I thrive int he upcoming year.  This card will show you ideas, messages and advice on starting nex year and things you can focus on in order to create a magical year.  Much love xoxo

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