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Saturday, 12 December 2015

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Dealing with creative blocks

Creative blocks are a part of our experience, we can fight with them or, we can  use them as motivators. I believe that with creative blocks we can learn about ouselves and our creative process. Understanding your creativity can greatly help you grow and expand your creative ability.  Fun thing is that there are millions of  was to overcome a creative block. I am here to give you my perspective on them, if you don't find this useful don't wory, there are hundreds of thousands of other ways to flame your creativity up. It is up to you to find the one that works for you. For me I just need to get inspired. Weather that is by reading an article on a killer subject  or watching a video on youtube.  I get realy inspired by cultural knowledge. I love experinecing new things and just learning. So anything that expands my knowledge, inspires me to create. I'm realy interested in self development and I try to practice it every day in my life. 
What  I have found is that expressing your blocks can actualy eluminate and remove them. I believe  that expressing (writing, saying, drawing, exc.) your blocks enables you to overcome and understand them. Practically this would mean taking some time and allowing yourself to express yout thoughts, emotions and experiences with this creatice block. This is how this peace of knowledge has come to be. Because I'm stuck I am writing on that stuckness. Because I hate it I am trying to understand it. There is a positive intention behind every negative experience. You just need to allow yourself to find and understand that intention for yourself.   If you find yourself stuck for a long time, allow yourself to change focus.  There is nothing bad in taking some time of from one point and focusing on something else, and them coming back with fresh perspective. Don't preasure yourself. Allow yourself to flow with your creativity. 
Much love xoxo 

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