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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

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Holidays  + Tarot

Hello love I want to talk to you about using tarot during holiday season. What you may be worrying about is how can I incorporate tarot into my holiday experience. Tarot isn't a part of any ˝traditional˝ holiday . But what if you want to have a wonderful holiday experience, besides getting tarot under the chrstmas tree.  Here are a few ideas about including tarot into your holiday experience.  
1. Holiday  tarot decor.  For this just take some chrsimas decorations and create something like 3D mural with tarot. Use things like pine cones, fairy lights, ornaments  and other holiday shizzle.  
2. Having a Holiday  party or gathering.  Take your tarot and use it. This is great if your just starting and need practice but also for the ones who have been doing this for a while this can help you get feedback and see where you can grow with your tarot.  If you have someone who is sceptic or thinks you are doing devil work this is great time to show them what realy means to do tarot and how amazing it can be. 
3. Use tarot as a gift.  What I mean by this is giving indivudual cards as a gift or in adition to your greeting card. You can give a whole deck away to one person but giving individual cards can be really amazing. You can use either tarot or oracle deck for this. It looks good and it means alot. 
4. Create  tarot holiday  art. Tarot in itself is art so whay wouldn't you create a peace of holiday art that is tarot themed.  You can create anything you want. Peace of art can be a drawing, a painting, a poem, a meal you will have or a space you will dedicate for your tarot work. It's all about you creating something.  
5. Create a holiday  tarot spread.  Crazy thought, but why not  create a tarot spread. Be guided by the theme of the season but most importantly allow the spread to mirror what Christmas is to you.  Go crazy weather you will use this spred exclusively for yourself or you will use it for others. Allow the spread to flow with you.  
6. Do you! Holliday season can be very hectic and stressful. If you find unable to follow through with what you have planned. Don't despair. Do you! There is nothing bad in saying fuck everything and doing your thing. Allow yourself to be guided by what you want instead of what you should do.
I will be posting some photos that will be in adition to this post on my Facebook and Twitter. If you want to get into the holiday spirit with tarot and me defenetly check that out.  
Much love and Happy holidays. xoxo

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