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Sunday, 25 October 2015

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The Vampire tarot spread

The aspect of vampirism has long lived in the minds of men.  Was it for  the fear that it mostly brought, or was it for the aspect of unimaginable that was so attracting. Eater way, the power and expression that was given to them was immense. They had their strenghts and weaknesses. By the legend of Vampyre this spread was created. Conecting you with your inner Vampyre and giving you ways of understaning and accepting.   

1.  Fangs: How does this situation affects me.  Look for the possible solution  in this card.
2. Blood: What gives life to the situation. What keeps it going.
3. Victim: How do you fit into this situation.
4.  The Vampyres reflection:  Things that aren't visible. Hidden aspects.
5. Sun: Things that will help you deal with situation. Look for possible solution to the situation in this     card. 
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