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Saturday, 24 October 2015

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House of fright spread

Haunted houses have became an attraction these days. They are a place to go and feel spooky and have a little fun. But in reality real hounted houses with malicious spirits are rearly becoming an attraction for masses. With this spread however we don't call upon any malicious sprits we siply travel throught the witches house. This haunted house protects the ones who come in respect and ask nicely, and for those who are rude Witches always find fitting punishment. 
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1. The pumpkin patch- Things that we have harvested. Things that we have changed in order for them to fit our desires.
2. Werewolf in the Front yard- Person or a situation that has made us change in a way that may not be in alignment with our higher self.
3. Vampire in the Living room- Person or situation that is draining us of our energy.
4. Ghost in the corner- Ancestors message to us.
5. Black cat on the stairs- Who will be of help to us at the moment. Your familiar.
6. Bloody corpse in the bedroom- Things that we are trying to leave behind, but we are unable to make peace with them.
7. Skeleton in the closet- Things, thoughts, or emotions  that we have suppressed.
8. Zombie in the Play room- Things that rise from the past to hount us.
9. Witch in the Attic- Showing us how we can aply our knowlidge.  Teacing us how we can gain control of our lives.  How we can start on the path of finding our authentic selves.

10. Owl on the window-  Leason that we are learning or a leason that we are about to learn. 

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