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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

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Hexa spread 

What can I say about them... Witches are beautiful, smart, and extremely magical.
Witches have been on this earth since the begining of time. Their power is strong, their knowlidge is great , and they are ready to share it with you right now.  
Each being that exists has the power to create.  This spread talks about arcane aspects of each witch.  A witch is conscious about that ability and uses it. As a creator, witch taps into pure potential in order to manifest what she desires. 
  Change is a natural part of our lives and witches are no strangers to it.
 Many will see change as destruction but it never hurts anyone it can only ever bring new opportunity to create. Being authentic should be natural to us but becouse the way we are rased, our authenticity is suppressed. Discovering the path to our unique soul is a gift that witches gladly share.  
In many cultures witches have been feard  and resented, for their ability to cast spell and make potions. 
They have been judged as killers. One who knows a witch, knows that she is no killer she is a healer.  All the herbs in the world will not help you if there isn't the right intention behind them.
 A a witch has both, she knows the art and the craft. To know your surroundings is the greatest power you can ever get. Being the one intuned with Mother nature will give you all the knowlidge  and craft you need in order to walk your path authenticly. 

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1. Combiner:  Creativity aspects. Expressions and blockages.  How do you find balans in your creative expression.
2. Creator: Your purest potential.
3.  Destryer:  Letting go. Aspects that you easely let go and aspects that stick with you.
4.  Traveler: Purest expression of your soul.
5. Healer: How do you heal the world around you.  Depicts your healing ability. How you heal yourself.
6. The one that curses: How do you teach and inspire others.
7. Natures voice: In which way do you express  your soul. 

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