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Sunday, 7 September 2014

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Weekly oracle reading. This week i'm using The  Faeries Oracle by Brian Froud

For  the Monday and tuesday we have  The Maiden

The begining of the week is all about expansion and growth. This card is giving us such a beutiful message of comfort and hope. Begining of the week is all about listening to your wishes  and hopes. If you have any wishes that seemed like they couldn't  be true, that they could never come to truth. Monday  and  Tuesday  are perfect for realizing your dreams .  This two days are perfect for doing shadowork and soul search.  If you have any fears that are bothering you, that will change, you will feel  a new rush of hope and joy in your life.

Card for Wensday and Thursday is Geeeeoooo the Slooow

Many peole love being lazy but they can't becouse of their jobs and obligations. The message that this card is giving is realy great for all af you who are realy buisy and, are under stress. Geeeeoooo is  telling you to slow dawn and take some  time to regroup. Take a Time out from your buisy daily life and go into  nature or take a walk around your house. For all those who don't have the oportunity to walk, sit on your chair or lay dawn somewhere and take a deep breath in and them slowly exhale and imagine that all of your stress is leaving your body with that breath. The other thing that you can try is grounding sit on the chair, close your eyes  and imagine that roots are growing from your feet and are going into the ground when you feel your roots are at the right place in the earth imagin that all of your worries are leaving your body trough that roots and are disappearing.

Card for the Friday and Weekend is The Singer of Courage

If you look at this entire week it seems like al the cards are indicating self growth and expansion so why would the end of the week be any deffrent from the rest of the week.  This card is telling us to be more brave and coragius. When you create a perspective about the world it's werry hard to change. It's  werry hard to change something that's been a part of your world since you exist, that has allwais been on your side. This weekend is realy great for destroing old habits and thins that don't bring you any good. Be coragius and face your fears.

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