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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

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Tarot eavning
Beatiful Fall day  leaves were faling in all their beutiful colors.  Red, orange and yellow were covering ground making it look like dancing fire.  Dusk was coming so fast but so peacefuly. Yung girl was runing trugt her garden and just absorbing all the beuty that was around her. With her brown hair and blue eyes she look like beutuful faerie who was dancing and making leaves fly like thy were lifted by magic. Wind blowd and reveald her face full of happines. She came inside and opend her drawer and pull out her tarot deck. She look outside with deck in her hands and smiled. She took few candles and put them all around the room.  The room was shining with beuty. You could see shapes and peaces of paintings and photos filed with buttrflies, faeries,  dragons, and other magical creatures. You could almost see paintings moving and getting to life when she started to shuffeling  the deck.  Air become so soft and sweat. Like it was made of shugar you could smell fall in the air. It was so warm inside she set next to the fireplace and you could see fire flickering and kissing her cheaks.  She shuffled  the deck and spread cards out. Cards were shined by fireplace and candles. She lifted her hand and cards were in the air she smiled and said ˝Magic lives in both of us. Leave me never ˝.  

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