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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

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                                                     Why I work with tarot

When somebody asks me why do you work with tarot ? I say back to them why  not ? Tarot is such a beutifull tool that gives insight and lights the dark out. I love using tarot for future telling and self dicovery. Deep shadow work and growth are things that I explore with my decks. .But it isn't all in the reading. You get the feeling of completion when you do a reading and it just feels good and natural. I love doing tarot readings for others, to see their reactions to see happy faces when they get answer to question that has ben ower their head stealing their sleep.  One of the best things about tarot is that it shares love and purenes. It will never lie to you. You can trust him hundred procent.  Learning is one of the main traits to tarot, the learning never ends so you can never know all. You shall know what cards give you to know.  Having some time at the night, flaming few candles, burning some insence and shuffling  my cards is the best posible experience I can have.  The best teraphy is shuffling  your cards and just feeling the energy that is conected to each one.  Tarot is the best teraphy that cou can ever get so if you don't  work with tarot find someone who will give you your daily dose od tarot and make your life full and make you feeling  complete.  

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