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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

When it is to much tarot?

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For those of us who love a good tarot reading, it can become something we acquire on a regular basis. But how to know when it's too much? What is the point when a tarot reading turns from cure to poison!  

In my experience with tarot every reading occurs for a reason.  Every reading was/is done in order for a message to be heard. A message that is for the most part supposed to heal, inspire and empower the seeker.

There is a point where the message can become unhelpful and can be restricting.

Asking the same question over and over again isn't helpful. For the most part the reading will be the same, every time. 

The only way an answer in a tarot will change is if we have actually made some action. Every action we make is changing the path we are on. 

After a reading it might be good to create action steps in order to build momentum and create action.  

Another  thing is unwillingness to accept the reading.  After a reading there is always that moment of thought ˝I like how things are looking! There is some stuff that I don't like, but that ain't true any way!˝ 
Having a reading after reading with this mindset, will at some point start to create a change. Universe/Tarot is going to present us with alternate answers: ˝If you don't want this truth, I'm going to feed you what you want even if it's not true!˝  
At that point the reading is no longer healthy, because the way it is approached in the first place was unhealthy.

There is one more thing I would like to touch on, and that is dependent readings. 
Dependant reading is what I like to call a reading that doesn't empower the Seeker, but seemingly takes the power away. 
It leaves the Seeker feeling lost and thinking they are unable to choose on their own.  

Needless to say this is  unhealthy and not what a tarot reading is about
This most commonly occurs when every chance we make this dictated/directed with a tarot reading. It gets to the point where even the most ordinary everyday choices are affected. 

Every choice we are making is then taken to be decided by an external force. 
This way of living causes a feeling of disassociation from seekers life. 
And can cause the seeker to feel as though they have no responsibility for their life.

Dependent reading will only deepen the feeling of disempowerment towards life. 
In the end it is not about how many reading is done, it is about having the right approach and mindset. 
A tarot reading is able to show us the choices we have, paths we can explore and reveal truths we may not yet consider. It is not here to restrict or bind us. 

A tarot reading offers us freedom. And the best way we can use this is to have an open mind, accept what is true to us and live by what feels right. It is not about blindly accepting a tarot reading… 

If anything a tarot reading is a great way to start questioning what is true and what isn't. Finding our personal truth rather than following truth of another!

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