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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Dark decks in Light readings

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We all know of those decks. Decks that make us sigh in wonder and amazement. 
Those dark beauties that capture us. 
How would those decks act in readings that are light oriented?  Well, let's see!

First, of I would like to explain what I mean by 'Light' reading and 'Dark' deck.
A light reading for me is geared towards inspirational messages, motivation, joy and gentleness of ones being. 
On the other side, we have a dark deck… Some people may think that dark decks are evil or that they call trough something negative, I disagree!  

A dark deck is nothing more than a representation of traditional energies in tarot in a more shadowy and unconscious way.Thus the original energies and messages are still there but are expressed differently.                                              
A dark deck is just a different expression of traditional energies and images presented in a deck.  Using a dark deck for that kind of reading might seem a bit out there. 
For those of us who enjoy a meaty dark deck, doing what would be called a 'shadow' reading seems most logical.                     
But this doesn't mean that doing 'light' readings is impossible.  
Taking a dark deck up for a light reading might actually be very empowering and insightful. 
With light decks, the message is for the most part very gentle and soft. A dark deck can potentially bring more serious messages with a light touch.  Inspirational readings done with a dark deck don't have to be shadowy or dark in any way. Quite the opposite they can be very deep and rich in meaning. 
A dark deck can give a lot, that a light deck might of have not been able to pick up on.     

The brighter the light, the darker the shadow. ~Carl Jung~

Getting the death card is always a 'sigh' moment in a  reading. Working with the dark deck is having that moment all the time. Just because the images are so visceral and potent.                                       Images in a  dark deck are most commonly presenting shadowy figures and expressions of death, power and fear.                         
It is something some readers will shy away from, but having an experience with these images can be very healing and empowering, even inspirational.  
A message with a healthy serious undertone is always welcome.

Light and shadow are opposite sides of the same coin. We can illuminate our paths or darken our way. It is a matter of choice. ~Maya Angelou~

Bellow are meanings for The Empress card, one from Dark Angles tarot and the other from Rider Wait Smith tarot. Each card is asked/ in the position of inspiration.

Rider-Waite tarot: You are the creator of your reality. The unrestricted creator dwells within you. Recognise this power within you.  Give unconditional love to all creations of your being.  

Dark Angels Tarot: Your love through unconditional and pure may be questioned. Your creations need your strength and protection as well as your love. Become the warrior for your creation.

Here we see that this duality compliments one another. Even though both cards are the same and come from the same energy. Both cards have different blends of energies that make them unique.
So to conclude. Yes, dark decks can be used for doing light readings. The spreads we use can always be tweaked to fit the needs of our reading as well as the deck we use. 
In the end, it is about doing the reading and letting us take on a journey.  No matter what the deck we use!

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