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Saturday, 9 January 2016

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Tarot spreads vs Free flowing reading

Hello love,  
I'll be honest I love free flowing readings but I can't give up my spreads. I still collect them and adore them. It's such a beautiful form of divination. If you are working with spreads and are just dipping your fingers into the free flow stuff, this is for you.  It can be hard to leave something you are so comfortable with, but as the saying goes ˝Life begins at the end of your comfort zone˝.  That said I want to present to you some things that may rise up when you start doing this work. As with all things you will get better as you practice. 

So let's begin, pull a few cards out on the table. First you may choose to pull just one card at this point I would encourage to you to try pulling two to three cards. 
At the beginning it may be hard to get what each card position  is telling you. At this time you probably already think  that you can't do it or that you can't get the meanings from the cards. 
Don't panic, allow yourself to relax.  
Look at each card individually and see what each is trying to tell you. 
When you are doing this make sure you listen to what you are guided towards. 
If you feel that the card is talking about the past and the card next to it has advice on dealing with that past issue  and the third card talks about how to heal from that  issue in the first card exc. Go with it, these are all clues to help you guide the reading.  If  you are very structured and organized by nature it may come hard and it may take more time to go with the flow and do something unexpected. 
On the other hand if you are free spirit you may have easier time adjusting yourself to free style. What I would say  is the most important thing to remeber is your connection to the cards. 
Having intuitive connection with the cards is amazing anyway but if you are trying to do the free style it could be helpful to explore this area.  When I tried to do  free style readings for the first time I had hard time but I just went from card to card for  meaning, and then tied them together and give a cohesive reading.   I can't give you a ˝HOW TO˝ guide for this beacuse there isn't one, this is a free flowing process personal to each indiidual. Things like pathworking, meditation, crystals exc.  may help. Do you! Use things that you know work for you. It takes practice and patience and remember that we are all different and everyone will have different approach and everyone will  learn it differently. Free style readings may or may not be you cup of tea, and if they are not you don't have to worry there is much more you can explore and return to this topic later.  

Much love xoxo

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