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Friday, 15 January 2016

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5 Personal tarot fundamentals
Hello loves,
There is alot to consider when you decide to do tarot publicly for clients. Most of the things come up with time and as you grow, but there are some things you may want to consider before you start reading. This post is long anyhow so lets just begin.

1. Define what kind of readings you will be doing-  It's important to know yourself as a reader. 
What kind of readings you want to do, and what  readigs you would rather avoid?  
Do you want to do future teling? Or do you want to do more spiritually oriented readings? 
Will you include other card systems in your readings (Oracle cards, Affirmation cards, Lenormand, exc…)? These are all questions you may want to ask yourself if you haven't already. 
Once you know yourself  as a reader you can grow with your cards.

2.  Boundaries-  This ties in with the previous point. Once you have defiend yourself as reader it is up to you if you follow what you have set down to do  or not. If you find yorself in a situation where you are asked to do a reading but you don't feel that the reading would do any good, what will you do? 
If a client who is paying askes you to do a reading that goes against you code of ethic, will you make an exception and read, or will you explain what kind of readings you are doing, and recommend different reader? If a client has an answer he wants to hear, but the cards suggest something else, will you go with what the client wants, or will go with what the cards are saying?

3.  Objectivity- There will be times when you will feel tempted to give suggestions based on your opinion. Tarot reader should show what  possibilities at hand are, and let the person who is getting the reding decide. We can give ponters and tips based on cards. If you are ment to say something you will know it, there will be no other than spilling that truth out, and that is positive.

4.  Preparation- Preparation for  reading is as important as the reading itself. Weather you do simple meditation, grounding, clearing and clensing, exc. Small things can make a great difference. 
If you have something that gets you in the reading mentality make sure you allow yourself to do it before starting reading.

5.  Engage and exchange- Many readers get troubled when it comes to getting paid for readings. 
This is important thing to determine when and if you decide to sell your readings. 
If you decide to give readings for free that is great but what if you are afraid to put a price on your work. Many face that fear, I know I have. You may get asked why you ask for money in exchange for reading, before you explain,  you have to know the answer yourself. Is it for the time you are investing? Or are you saving some extra money for that trip you want to go on? Or is this your full time job?

There is much more you can explore. These are some basics to get you started. If you have any questions post them int he comments or pop over on facebook and send me a message :D

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