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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Hierophant the ultimate teacher

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Welcome Wolfy's as a part of this blogk hop I will be talking about Hierophant. 

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Hierophant is one of the Major arcana cards within tarot. And as such it represents an important archetype within the tarot system. 
Though the Hierophant is attributed with great many talents, among the most expressed are: teaching, great wisdom and traditionalism

Hierophant is known to guide with stern but fair judgement and will share his wisdom whenever that is asked of him. The following are traditional meanings attributed to the Hierophant, how I interpret the Hierophant and meanings I chose for the image of the Hierophant I created. 

Traditionally Hierophant stands for  stearn and clear judgement. He is the teacher of the world, his wisdom transcending the earthly plane. His knowledge goes far beyond the physical plane, as it reaches into the realms of spirit. He is the embodiment of the old ways, is wisdom coming from a place of tradition. 
He is associated with the religions of the world. Thus connecting him to the idea of belief and belief systems. Holding on to what he believes is true, is essential for him.

My interpretation, is for the most part following these principles, though there are some differences made as I associate some other meanings with the Hierophant card.  

For the main figure in the image I choose a female character. 
Which is most commonly represented as a male figure, expressing a religious belief. 
Her posture and expression showcase the firm, steady and mind oriented point of view, she brings to the table. 
There is no changing her mind! She will express her truth without any doubt in her mind. 
The crown or the headset, which is usually represented in the Hierophant card is no longer there. 
Expressing that her wisdom and status doesn't need to be questioned in order for it to be proven.

Horns growing upon her head show that her wisdom and strength come from a primal place of her nature. 
Book levitating in front of the figure once again represents that she transcends the physical realm. 
The book itself is a representation of her knowledge taking physical form. Being brought forth from the realms of the spirit. 

Creating physical change, she represents Magicians craft and spiritual science fully expressed in physical form. 

Scepter in her left (intuitive) hand expresses her will and might over her domain. 
Giving her the status of a leader among her fellow man. 
Pillars in the background show her connection to the earth. Representing the channel for the spiritual / higher dimensional energies to take a physical form.  

It is the earth itself absorbing knowledge of the Everlasting!
She is the spiritual guide, the ultimate teacher, the craft now mastered and a applied. 
At times her beliefs may get her stuck in the same cycle, but she is by no means ignorant or unwilling to see the error of her ways.

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