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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Spring of love - Communication

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Communication of any kind is important but in relationships especially, communication holds a great wight. In my opinion communication represents exchange of thought, emotion and energy. Because we identify communication mostly as speech we tend to close other comunication paths of. 
Lack of communication is the one of the biggest reason people break apart. You can't have a successful relationship if you don't express what you think and feel. 
And you can't expect someone to read your mind.
So what you are left with is to either express or eventually hurt.

 Communicate every day                             
I cannot praise enough about communicating every single day. Have that five minute talk if that is all the tme you have in a day.  Is  something that your partner said bothering you. Ask them why they said that, and then explore why did you get hurt by what they said. Express to them that you felt hurt. Allow them to express aswell. It's important that mutual communication occurs. As I said before don't expect someone to read your mind. I think that a big part of communication is vulnerability. Being vulnerable enought to express. Being vulnerable enough to empathise and understand.

Say what you mean,  mean what you say                                                                                              I think that a lot of us don't say things as they are, for alot of different reasons. But when it comes to dealing with stuff there is nothing more unhelpful than sugar coating things. Sometimes you just need a kick in the ass. Getting real with yourself and with person your in relationship with. You have to get to the point of things eventually, and why make it a strugle for yourself. Sometimes saying the truth feels like hurting and it can be, I don't say that it isn't. But  that harsh truth can give us the push we need to make some change, and  move things around.  

No words just actions                                                                                                             Expressing what you think or feel through actions can have even greater impact than expressing those same thoughts and emotions through speach. Sometimes it's enough to hug someone instead of telling them 'I love you'. What happens a lot is that people have tough time expressing their emotions physically. And quite often when that happens in relationships you'll have a partner who assumes you don't care for them. This happens because of difference in love language and lack of communication. For this reason I want you to explore 5 love languages.  Communication through actions adds to the level of connectin to oneself and other people. 

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