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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

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To many people commitment is about doing only one thing at the time and completly focusing on it. This is true to a degree, you can do something and be focused on it, but that doesn't mean that you are totaly commited to it. To be totaly commited you need to be in the moment. You need to present with what you are doing.  
You need to be present with your heart, thought, and spirit. Also be sure that what you are commiting to is worth your time and energy.        If you are unhappy doing something, stop doing it. Why would you torture yourself ?Common thing we face with is fear of commitment. This fear works like defense mechanism to protect us from being hurt. Pain and hurt are the greatest motivators in life.       We will do anything to avoid them, so in order to avoid them we create cover up emotions and defense mechanisms.  Sometimes we start to believe in the cover ups and we forget about the real emotion behind them. This fear comes from being afraid of someome or something hurting us.  To realy understand our fears we need to face them. Let me tell you, fear is only an ilusion.  You need to go deep and find the root of the fear and face it. Why would you choose to live your life in fear when you can be happy. Alow yourself to enjoy this experience. Alow yourself to be in the moment.
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