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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

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 Some wisdom (serious talk)

Today I have decided that I need to tell you about some serious stuuf that alot of people is going trough but are afraid to talk about or are ashamed of it. The thing that I wanna talk to you doesnt ahve any particular name or at lest I don't know of any that would define it. But that's ok becouse we put labels on everything so for once this will be without label. Did you ever feel like there is nothing that will make you happy. Did you find yourself in the situation that seemd like the worst thing in life. Well I can tell you that I have found myself in that situation but I have to remid everytime that it isn't worth it. Foucus on the positive has been my mantra lately but I can tell you it doesnt always work. You can focus as much as you want but if you are the one who actualy manifests the situation or does it universe do for you just so you could face your shadow. I have drawn a card for this talk with you so here it is. Judegemnt. I have to tell you When I turned the card ower I loughed. One hour before i have just thought of how we perceive the world around us. And when I saw this card it has completly conected with what i was thinking before. To me as I have come to understand lately we perceive the universe by judgement. The universe is what we think of it basicly. I was thinkinhg of bad and good in sence of power and it has come to me every person has a different oppinion on what god or bad is so does that men that there is only one true answer? No. We live in universe that is contradictory and there is no right or wrong answer. I have also been on how people judge when someone is intersted in something that isn't good by their judgement. But how can you ever understand what one thing is without understanding it's opossite. So how can you now good without knowing bad.  I feel the same about witchcraf. Some itches say that they would never do black magic but how do they know what white magic is without knowing what black magic is. The basic thing that i hope will give some understanding of this and the thing that I have started with but then rambled  on to different stuff is, you will never be able to face the darkness without knowing the light, and you will never be able to face the light without knowing the darkness. At the end there is no Light or dark, bad or good, postive and negative there is only you and the way you perceive the world around you. Have that in mind and don't let anyone tell you how to feel or what to do becouse you have much more knowlidge about yourslef then anyone will ever have. You hold all the answers. You are perceiver. You are the judgement. And you are the creator.

Much love and have a good day.

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