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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

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                                             Oracle of the Dragonfae  
                                                              (second edition)
Author of this beautifl deck is Lucy cavendish with ilustrations from Nicole Cadet, Selina Fenech, Debbie Lean, Jimmy Manton, Kylie McDonough, Ravynne Phelan and Toni Carmine Salerno. The deck is containing 43 cards and a beautiful  164-page guidebook writen by Lucy. The deck itself holds a beutiful mixture of energies. Mostly it is the fae or dragon energy but you can fell that it is much more it capture a whole spectrum of energies and beings.  This is the second edition and the only thing that changes is artwork, in the first edition there was much more waterclour artwork and in this edition you can see much more work from Jimmy Manton.  The purpose of this deck is to bring you closer to the realm of Dragonfae. But as I have alredy said there is much more. Before I have started to write this I have asked the deck how would it like to be presented to others. And the mesage was clear and very beutiful. This deck is going to show you how to live in alignment with yourself and the world around you. The energies of this deck will help you deal with your shadow and your deepest desires. This deck will ecurage you to push forward  and to not let go when you are redy to brak in. This deck wil ground you and will show you the path to your authentic self.  I have this deck for almost a year now and it has ben nothing but a pure good. The readings done with this deck are alwais on the point and acurate. It dousen't only show you the situation related to reading it is especialy good at offering  solution to them as well. I have youse for future tellign aswell and it does show you the best possible path to take that will lead you in acordance to your higher self. The deck works very well with questions that are not stagnant or pasive like- ˝What is waiting for me in near future ?˝ . But more with questions like ˝What is the best path for me to take right now so I will be aligned with my higher self ?˝.  I highly recomend this deck defenetly worth buying and giving time to know it.

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