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Sunday, 16 November 2014

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                                                          The Tarot of Vampyrs 
It finaly came !! I was waiting for this deck for such a long time but finaly it's hiere.
I will do a full review  of this deck this is just to share my new deck and few blurb sentences for the deck.  So I have to say I  LOVE this deck it is so amazing and acurate. The way it shows you the answers and gives you support. It is absolutly amazing. The book that acompanies the deck is perfect it has so much information on different aspects of tarot and different ocult systems conected to tarot. It talks about kabalah, astrology and tree of life. All of those things combined with vampyre myth gives such an amzing deck. As I sayd this is only a short blurb about I will do a reviw for this deck when i start working with it more. 

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