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Sunday, 31 August 2014

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                                                Weekly Tarot Reading for Sept 1-7
This week i use classical Rider Waite Tarot

For the Monday and Tuesday we have King of cups and his message is little bit harsh, you may find yourself in a bad emotional state and you'll dissconected from your emotions you'll try to neglect them and that isn't good. Your emotions exist and they won't go away by them self. They are going to stay inside you and they are going to make you feel bad and afraid. You have to recognize your fear and deal with it.
For the midle of week (Wensday and Thursday) we have Three of wands and this card gives nice energy to this week and brings us postive vibe. To me this cards represents realizing plans, like when you have plns in your head and you start realizing them i feel like this card is sayng about this kind of  energy.  To me this card is also sayng that you'll need all of your knowlidge in this project of yours. This may be dificult for you becouse this is maby your first time doing something practical.

Fot the end of the week (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) we have Wheel of Fortune and this brings good news aswell you may feel little bit nervous becouse you'll find out the outcome of one situation that has been over your head making you worry. Relax becouse i feel that this week this card is representing good fortune, good luck and positive energy. So relax and enjoy the week ahead of you
This is just basic reading if you want something more detaild contact me trough facebook and i'll be glad to help you.

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